Speed Learning with Multimedia Text Sets (MMTS)

Session Description

Learn how to create Multimedia Text Sets (MMTS) to facilitate introduction of new information to students and/or other learners. MMTSs help learners glean information and ideas from a rich variety of media sources.

Short URL: http://ly.tcea.org/mmts


  1. Defining What a MMTS is
  2. Activity: MMTS about MultiMedia Text Sets
  3. Make Your Own: MMTS
  4. Share Your Creation
  5. Celebrate MMTSs You Have Created Together!
  6. More Resources

1- Define What A MultiMedia Text Set Is

"...it’s a group of resources—print, audio, and visual—on a particular topic or theme presented in a variety of genres" (Source: Mary Ann Cappiello and Erika Thulin Dawes in Teaching with Text Sets).

Lisa Highfill shares, "MMTSs are just docs with links meant to build schema through exploration."

Multimedia text sets broaden a student’s repertoire of resources to draw information from. They also foster transmediated learning opportunities.

Lisa Highfill (@lisahighfill) is often credited with developing the MultiMedia Text Set, which later evolved into a more complex form (the hyperdoc). By itself, though, the MMTS can be quite useful in the classroom to speed learning along.

Multimedia Text sets evolved from the traditional "text set" you may already be familiar with, like the one shown below.

2- An MMTS About MMTSs

Take a moment to complete this MMTS about MultiMedia Text Sets.

  1. Login to your Google Suites account so you can make a copy of the documents here
  2. Click on this MMTS and complete it
  3. Turn it in via this online form
  4. Have fun exploring!

3- Make Your Own

Note: Use a template linked below to create your own gameboard MMTS or table MMTS around a topic.

More instructions: Reflect on a lesson where students to need to get up to speed quickly. Focus that topic around an inquiry-based question that will engage students in research. Multimedia text sets broaden a student’s repertoire of resources to draw information from. Through this multilayered approach, you can support student thinking, adding in a variety of perspectives illustrated with multimedia.

4- Share Your Creation

Ready to share your MMTS creation? Drop the "anyone with a link" link to your MMTS online in this TCEA Idea Space Padlet.

Note: To get the MMTS to show a preview, you will need to add link to Google Doc as an attachment

5- Celebrate Created MMTSs

Take a moment to share a few thoughts about your favorite MMTS that your classmates created.

Share your thoughts via this Flipgrid. Be sure to reference the MMTS in the Padlet by name. Use your laptop/Chromebook or iOS/Android tablet (Enter this Code: dbb61c on the Flipgrid mobile app)

More Resources