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Transforming teaching, learning and leadership through the strategic application of technology has been Miguel Guhlin’s motto. He is a veteran educator comfortable with modeling the use of technology at the classroom, campus, and district level. He earned his ISTE Certified Educator status--the first Texan and Panamanian to do so--in September, 2018.


A national and international presenter, a prolific writer with over one hundred publications in print, a regular columnist and blogger with thousands of pieces published online, Miguel blogs at Around the Corner and for TCEA’s TechNotes Blog.

Both blogs have received EdTech Magazine's 2017 Must-Read blog awards. Miguel earned both his Master’s degree in Bicultural/Bilingual Studies with an ESL Concentration and his B.A. at University of Texas, San Antonio. He is also the recipient of the ISTE Making IT Happen Award, a Google Certified Innovator, Administrator, Trainer, and a Microsoft Certified Master Trainer and Expert.


As a former director of technology, Miguel brings a unique perspective to TCEA’s professional development and technology audit team. He specializes in aligning technology to educational goals. Miguel has extensive instructional technology experience (multiple districts, one as large as fifty-six thousand students). He has also served with distinction as a Director of Technology for a ten thousand student school district. His rich background and experiences enable him to model strategic thinking, budget management, and professional learning for emerging leaders in educational technology.

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