Google Suites for Education

Thanks for visiting my Google for Education resources. As part of the Professional Development team, I have ample opportunities to present and write about Google for Education. Below, you will find my curated collection of videos, workshop session presentations, blog entries, and other resources.

Be sure to check back periodically to see new Google-centric resources, and read about emerging ones online at

1-G Suite Education Video Series

These videos are screencasts. They are relevant to becoming a Google Certified Trainer and obtaining Google Educator Level 1 certifications.

2-Workshop Sessions

Note: Not all workshop materials are available to the public, only to TCEA members. That means some of my session resources may not be linked below. You can also find a host of older slide decks online.

3-Blog Entries

Note: Blog entries without links are scheduled for publication but have not yet appeared for public viewing yet.



  1. A Homeschooling Parent’s Dream: Google Home

  2. Androidify Learning

  3. Android Security for Communications

  4. Android File Sharing Made Easy

  5. Become a PhotoDroid: Image Editing on Android

  6. Creating gBooks, er, ebooks Just Got Easier

  7. Create Voyages of Digital Discovery with Google Tour-Builder

  8. Infographic Templates with Google Slides

  9. Replacing the Shortener

  10. Five Google Doc Hacks

  11. Google Drive Cleaner: Remove Duplicate Files

  12. Google Shortcuts

  13. OneNote with Google Classroom?

  14. Safeguard Your Android Device

  15. Three Tips for New Google Sites Makers

  16. Three Tips to Organize Google Drive

  17. Tic Tac Toe: More New Google Sites Tips

  18. UDL Chromebook Learning Opportunities

  19. Six Google Strategies to Challenge Students

  20. Five Steps to 1:1 Deployment

  21. Five Hacks for Google Sheets (ghost-writer)

  22. Five Steps to Leading Campus Tech Efforts

  23. Digital Sticky Notes

  24. Napkin PD: G Suite-Powered Learning Activities

  25. TCEA Responds: Sharing School Photos

  26. Reading Made Easy in the Chrome Browser

  27. Making Animated GIFs with Google Drawings

  28. Note-Taking on Chromebooks

  29. Secure On the Go Connections

  30. Exploring Google Sheets’ Functions: Import Range

  31. Exploring Google Photos as a Collaborative Tool

  32. Chromebook Apps for Young Learners

  33. TCEA Responds: Download YouTube Videos

  34. Go Large: Share Your Message Full Screen

  35. Infographics Made Simple

  36. Bookmark Organization the Easy Way

  37. Google Drive Cleaner: Remove Duplicate Files

  38. 5E Modeling: Engage with Google’s Applied Digital Skills Lessons

  39. Lesson Planning: 5E Model + Tech with the ISTE Standards (Part Two)

  40. Lesson Planning: 5E Model + Tech with the ISTE Standards (Part One)

  41. Napkin PD: Solving Problems Together

  42. Google-izing the 5E Lesson Model (ghostwriter)

  43. TCEA Responds: Google Shortcuts

  44. Five Hacks for Google Forms

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