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Ready to Go Green Screen?

Howdy! Thanks for visiting. This page tries to capture a variety of great ideas I've seen online about using green screen in the classroom. I hope you will find the ideas shared inspirational.

Please share your K-16 green screen in the classroom ideas in the Go Green Padlet to share a link to your awesome idea!

Apps & Tutorials

Learn the Tools

iOS - DoInk's Green Screen for Video/Photo

Explore iOS premier green screen tool, DoInk's GreenScreen, with this Jonathan Wylie created sway. It features videos, blog entries, sketchnote of ten ways to get started with green screen for under $5, and much more.

Android - Media Studio Pro

For green screen videos on Android, try the paid version of Media Studio. For a one-time charge ($14.95), additional features can be purchased. These features include the green screen effect and audio recording/editing tools.

For photos, use PhotoLayers (features in-app ads).

Check out Jennifer Hall's Infographic on Green Screen

Activity #1 - Make Your Wall Green

Ready to paint your wall green? Try green screen paint from Home Depot (e.g. Sparkling Apple). Some more tips (Source):

If you are shooting with 2 different green sources such as a painted platform and a cloth/tablecloth backdrop, its best to match the color as close as possible between the two. You can also build your own portable green screen out of PVC pipe.

Make Your Wall...Green!

Check out this green wall from @techwnancy. Why don't you make your wall green?

Watch some tutorials from DoInk!

Make an inexpensive giveaway green screen using Dollar Tree's bulk green plastic tablecloth. You can also pick up green paper plates and more to create a porthole in a ship or cockpit in an airplane or spaceship.

Activity #2 - Green Screen Icebreakers & Mini Green Screen

Mini Green Screens

Use a wall-based green screen, green tablecloth or mini green screens using a green file folder. Get the green 3-tab file folder from Staples!

Absolutely Amazing Green Gloves

Aren't the gloves incredible? These green gloves make your hands invisible. You can get inexpensive gloves, but here's one set you can get for <$40

Activity #3 - Problem-Based Learning with Green Screen

Crafting Solutions to Problems

Students in @MsTranClass experimenting w presentation formats. Ss working with @DoInkTweets green screen

Students can easily create non-fiction, fiction, informational presentations featuring green screened solutions.

PBL Unit and Design example and student-created work

Here are some fantastic ideas for PBL:

Some Project Ideas

Some phenomenal ideas from How To Integrate Green Screens into Any Classroom appear below; be sure to read the entire article for a whole list!

  • Make Word Problems Come to Life, Grades 4 to 12: Have students use a green screen to act out math word problems visually, such as by having students act out a scenario in which these word problems come to life. For instance, students could recreate the word problem.
  • Tour Body Systems, Grades 2 to 12: Remember the 1987 movie Innerspace? Students can “tour” the human body by using anatomical diagrams as the background, and props to explain how body systems work.
  • Reading Fluency, Grades K to 8: Film the pages of a storybook, pausing on each page long enough for a student to read it. Drop the filmed pages of the book into the background, then film the student reading the story.
  • Video Book Report, Grades 2 to 12: For a more advanced approach to a “green screen story,” students can literally become part of their favorite story or book by dropping illustrations, stock video, or photo backdrops into the background while they offer an oral book reports. They can then discuss or act out their favorite parts of the story, or even interact with story characters (actors) in the setting of the book.

Activity #4 - Green Screen Dioramas

Why not create a video diorama using a green screen pizza box or box? Students can populate their creation with action figures that they move around with green rulers or straws (or suspend with green string). This adds another level of excitement and animation to the dioramas once created out of shoe boxes.

Students can also recreate scenes from their favorite movies, using action figures against a real life backdrop. Consider dinosaurs, Star Wars, Star Trek as ways to create engaging plots and stories that explain academic topics.

Activity #5 - Lego My Green Screen

Pre-built Lego pieces can also be used to populate a world. While the green lego piece won't work (unless you need a hidden support or component), using legos with green screen backdrops could facilitate stop-motion animations or full motion movies.

Activity #6 - Holy Holograms, Batman!

Created haunted holograms or superhero holograms using this technique.

Activity #7 - Mars Colonization

Combine Robotics & Green Screen To Create Daring Adventures and Problems

One exciting idea for students involves having them solve "real life" problems. For example, consider the need to colonize other planets. Students can be introduced to Mars Colonization, learning to program a robot to gather critical resources, materials, perform rescues against the Red Planet's landscape

Activity #8 - Storm Chasers

Dangerous Situations

Drop students and staff into a dangerous scenario, then have them create the "Meet the Problem" or engaging video for a PBL (e.g. Problem-based learning, project-based learning) activity for the class.

Activity #9 - Shadow Dancing via Tricia Fuglestad

Activity #10 - "I Have a Dream"

Try using Wes Fryer's advanced techniques for importing video as a backdrop.

Green Screen Video Backgrounds

Activity #11 - Plot Yourself on a Graph

Using DoInk's multiple layers option, you can easily add several different students to a background in a green screen, as shown left.

Source: 5 Quick Projects That Make Use of Green Screen

Activity #12 - Stop Motion Animation


Combine various elements to get awesome green screen effects!


Activity #13 - SuperHeroes Among Us

Ready to embrace your inner superhero? Showcase exciting ways in which staff and students are doing super things to improve climate, culture, and excelling at work.

Maybe you want to feature parent volunteers who are doing awesome stuff? Amazing classroom moms/dads/grandparents?

Special visitors to campus? Have them pose with their favorite superhero stance next to the school motto, a campus quote, or performing an act of service.

Image Source: Twitter

Activity #14 - Create a Kindness Campaign

Create your own kindness campaign. Follow in the footsteps of Tricia Fuglestead:

  • Third graders studied kindness from stories and listened to advice from other children as they created these Moving Memes.
  • Make sure you watch the wings flap in the video
  • Get a copy of the lesson

View the moving memes videos:

View more projects at Dryden Elementary

Image Source: Twitter

How would YOU use green screen to enhance learning in your classroom?