Wallpaper Your 3D Virtual Room with Panoform

Connect with Miguel Guhlin via Twitter: @tcea @mguhlin

Special thanks to Dr. Bruce Ellis (Senior Director, TCEA) for introducing me to @Panoform

Learn how to create your own virtual room and wallpaper it with educational content. It all starts with paper and a website! All you need is your smartphone (or computing device), and the willingness to express your academic learning.

Step 1: Watch Tutorial & View Overview

Overview of Process

  1. Save a grid you can use to your computer
  2. Print it out on regular sized paper
  3. Draw/Color Your Design
  4. Take a picture of your design
  5. Go to the Panaform Tool website
  6. Upload/Put the Picture of Your Design Online
  7. View Your Picture on the Panaform website via a Cardboard headset to get the VR view

Step 2: How It Works

Ready to make some handrawn virtual reality experiences?

All you need is crayons, colored pencils or markers. Your pick.

Instructions: Right click or tap on the grids shown below to save them to your device.

Step 3: Make a Panoform Drawing

Ready to Make your own Panoform drawing?

You can also take an existing picture (sketchnote!) and drop it onto the Panaform grid (overlay it) then upload it.

Step 4: Share Your Panoform Creation

Ready to Share?

Navigate to the TCEA PanoForm folder on Google Drive, then add your creation to it.

Click on Browse and send picture into Panoform.

Step 5: View Picture in Google Cardboard

Now that you have your creation in the TCEA Panoform folder, you can put your phone into Google Cardboard and then view it there.