Here's where I keep a few handy links and suggestions regarding TCEA's amazing resources and professional learning opportunities.

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Write for TCEA TechNotes Blog

Some tips on submitting an article for publication (no guarantees!) to the TCEA's TechNotes blog

Sign Up for TCEA Free to Member Webinars

Want to register for a TCEA Lunch-n-Learn or Get Your Google On (GYGO) webinar? Follow these steps:

  1. Login/Create a TCEA account

  2. Click on the Register for Lunch-n-Learn and/or GYGO

  3. Wait for the confirming email within 10 minutes

Finally, prepare to connect to webinar. TCEA relies on Adobe Connect for its webinars. It works best on a laptop/Chromebook. Interactivity required for webinars does not work as well on a tablet with the app (get iOS or Android version).

Get SketchUp Pro for Your Public School

Get SketchUp

With a Google account, you can do design work using the newly-released And if you want the full power of SketchUp Pro (a $695 value), fill out a short form through TCEA. Private schools can obtain SketchUp Pro EDU licenses for as low as $15 per seat per year.

Use SketchUp on Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac

Available for Mac and Windows computers, SketchUp Pro now comes as a web version usable on Chromebooks. What’s more, SketchUp Mobile Viewer ($13.99) allows SketchUp models to be viewed on the iPad.

Tips for Webinar Guest Speakers

Thank you for agreeing to be a guest host/speaker for a TCEA webinar! Here are some suggestions:

Please keep the following in mind:


    • Please send me your picture and a short bio (or a link to it)

    • Your picture, bio, and event date, topic will be tweeted to tens of thousands of educators (Wow!)

Speaking & Visual Aids

    • You have about 20-25 minutes to speak, and I can definitely jump in with questions or to facilitate chat

    • Make sure you have your own microphone and headphones/earbuds. Mute yourself when not speaking, then unmute, especially if you lack headphones/earbuds.

    • Some people like to prepare a slide deck to work through. If so, please send it in advance so I can get it loaded into Adobe Connect

    • If using a website (e.g. Google Sites, Smore), etc. make sure the font size is set bigger than normal to ensure people can see it when you share your screen (handled via Adobe Connect)


    • We can do a sound check at any time prior to the event to ensure your tech works well. Let me know when works best for you.

    • Tech that does NOT work: iPad/iOS, Android or Chromebook.

    • Tech that does work: Mac/Windows computer

    • WiFi works usually but it is recommended your device be wired if sharing your screen, projecting video of yourself, or trying to play a video (we often upload videos ahead of time, too, then play those rather than play them on screen to ensure audio/video quality is good enough)