Blended Learning in a Collaborative Classroom

Session Description

Explore how you can more easily implement blended learning through the use of multimedia text sets (MMTS), hyperdocs, and Google Suites for Education. Participants will spend time working on self-directed, collaborative inquiry-based learning projects. A variety of technical mini-lessons will scaffold participants efforts.

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#1 - About Me Emoji

IceBreaker - About Me Emoji

Instructions: Take a moment to create an emoji that reflects you!

See example: Check out Sabine Pass ISD teachers!

About This Activity

This activity was created by Diana Benner (@diben) and enables you to introduce your students to Google Slides.

#2 - Seven Keys to Blended Learning

Read and reflect with a partner about the Seven Keys to Blended Learning article.

Task: Record TWO take-aways from the article, plus ONE more from any resource below, via Flipgrid at (or use the Flipgrid mobile app with code 968bbf)

BL/FL Resources

MORE: Get Flipped Learning Certified via Sophie

#3 - Speed Learning with Multimedia Text Sets (MMTS)

"MMTSs are just docs with links meant to build schema through exploration."

Multimedia text sets broaden a student’s repertoire of resources to draw information from.

#4 - Inquiry-Based Learning with Hyperdocs

"HyperDocs are transformative, interactive Google Docs that replace the standard worksheet method of delivering instruction" (The HyperDocs co-creators).

Hyperdocs can also serve as vehicles of inquiry-based learning.

#5 - Collaborative Projects in the Classroom

Looking for projects and ideas that will get your entire class engaged and working together? Then facilitating collaborative projects is for you. Whether you are in a K-12 classroom or computer lab, you’ll find these ideas will generate excitement and interest. You will also see a variety of tools to choose from so you can select which ones best meet your students’ needs as you implement these fun projects.