Hyperlinked Slides

Learn how to create your own hyperlinked slide show. This enables you to connect slide shows for eportfolios, choose your own adventure and more.

Step 1 - Prepare & Explore

Explore an Existing Project

About Hyperslides via Eric Curts

  • Help guide - "Creating Interactive Google Presentations" - Google Document link
  • Training video - "Google Slides for Stories, Quizzes, and Games" - YouTube link
  • Blog post - "Dragon Quest! A Google Slides Interactive Story" - Website link
  • Blog post - "Jeopardy Game Templates for Google Slides" - Website link
  • Slideshow - "Google Slides for Stories, Quizzes, and Games" - Google Slides link


Use Google Slides to make interactive worksheets.

See how to via Rex Threatt.

Step 2 - Make Your Own "ePortfolio"

  1. Map out your own hyperlinked slides. For example:
    1. Sample ePortfolio: Jeremiah Johnson
  2. Select a theme for your ePortfolio and then create
  3. Be sure to do the following:
    1. Name each slide
    2. Create a table of contents
    3. Link to each slide from the table of contents
  4. Follow the suggestions and instructions here

Step 3 - Share

Share your creation via the Backchannel