BLCC: Project Station

Directions: Choose ONE Project Option from those available below, then follow instructions

Step 1 - Choose a Project or Come Up with Your Own

Option #1 - Problem

The sky is falling! In some way unknown to scientists, small meteorites are impacting the surface. As the Government Communications Team (GCT), you have been asked to prepare an informative video with a short assessment component on how to take shelter.


Create a paper slides slideshow with these components:

  1. Title slide with hand-drawn image
  2. An about slide sharing your team's names and GCT titles
  3. Three slides that demonstrate the danger and how to deploy GCT anti-meteorite umbrellas (AMUs).
  4. A closing slide

Next, create a short quiz based on the information you have crafted.


Use paper-n-makers/crayons to create your paper slideshow. Convert your paper slideshow to video using Shadow Puppet EDU on iOS, a Google Slides screencast (Screencastify, Nimbus ScreenRecorder).

Once you have created your video, send it to YouTube.

Use EdPuzzle to embed a short assessment at midpoint and end of your video to check for understanding.

Submit the link to your EdPuzzle video with assessment to TCEA IdeaSpace padlet, AND a copy of your video (two components)

Option #2 - Problem

A recent inflammatory video has been making the rounds. Collect "person on the street" insights via email and social media about the video and what this video means to each individual.


Share the link to the inflammatory video with others at your location and ask them to respond in character as to what they intend to do.


Explore and use or to create a way to facilitate collection of character responses.

Step 2 - Create a Project using one of the Technologies Shown Above, poll your group for another. Additional resources appear below, if available.

Step 3 - Turn Your Project Creation as a Video, Photo, or Link

Turn your project creations online. Include "GTech:" in the title.