HyperDocs and Inquiry-Based Learning

Session Description

Learn how to create hyperdocs as a way to facilitate self-paced, inquiry-based learning to students and/or other learners.


Hyperdocs Part 1

Activity: HyperDoc About Hyperdocs

"HyperDocs are transformative, interactive Google Docs that replace the standard worksheet method of delivering instruction" (The HyperDocs co-creators).

Ready to learn more?

Examples of HyperDocs

Creativity Resources



Activity #1: Jot Learning

Reflection is Learning

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” -John Dewey

  1. THINK about your HyperDoc experience.
  2. Talk with a partner: DESCRIBE what you noticed about yourself as a learner.
  3. JOT your reflection HERE


Activity #2: Transformative Instruction

Respond via this document