Making Magic with Google Sheets Add-Ons

Session Description

Explore how Google Sheets add-ons can make email merges a cinch, as well as many other exciting possibilities.

Google Sheets brings a host of powerful features to users. But you can enhance Google Sheets with a variety of add-ons that automate the repetitive tasks spreadsheets have, including enhancing styles, splitting names, generating QR codes, and much more. Come along as we explore some new add-ons.


1. Four Corners: How Do You Use Google Sheets?

2. A Few of My Favorite Add-Ons

3. Discovery Lab: Try It On Your Own

4. Digital Smackdown

5. More Resources

1- Four Corners: How Do You Use It?

Four Corners

Before we get started with MY favorites, let's explore some of YOUR favorite ways to use Google Sheets!


  1. Divide up into FOUR groups, one per corner of the room
  2. Introduce yourself to the group
  3. Share YOUR favorite use of Google Sheets
  4. Share your favorite add-on
  5. Pick someone from your group to share favorite add-ons

2- A Few of My Favorite Add-Ons

  • FormMule – Allows you to quickly add create information in Google Sheets, then “email merge” it together.
  • Yet Another Mail Merge – Allows you to quickly “spam” or bulk email people.
  • Styles: This add-on allows you to customize the look and feel of your spreadsheet, adding headers, coloring rows in alternating colors (e.g. row 1 is grey, row 2 is white, row 3 is grey, row 4 is white, and so on).
  • QR Code Generator: This is an easy way to generate QR codes for students or to inventory items. This add-on also makes it easy to create a text label for each QR code generated so you are not left guessing as to what you are looking at, or trying to scan it with your smartphone’s cross-platform (e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry) Inigma QR Code Reader app.
  • Split Names: This is an absolute must-have add-on. Although you can use complex formulas to split names (e.g. “Juan Guhlin” to “Juan” and “Guhlin” in different columns), Split Names makes it a cinch. You are also able to separate out salutations and other elements commonly included.
  • PowerTools: This particular add-on has so much to offer, you probably will want to read the web site for it. Some of its best features include making the process of dealing with extra spaces, formulas and data in the wrong format, inserting or deleting cells and shifting adjacent data, changing case, or swapping values easier.

3- Try It On Your Own

  • Login to Google Sheets
  • Ask yourself, "What problem could Google Sheets Add-ons help me solve?"
  • Try two of the Google Sheets Add-ons shared by others or in resources
  • Note the rules for Digital Smackdown below

4- Digital Smackdown

  1. Discuss your favorite Google Sheets add-on (10 mins)
  2. Create a 60 second sales pitch for it:
    • Name the project or tool
    • Provide two different examples of use in your situation
  3. Share your sales pitch with the group via Flipgrid:
    1. Website on laptop/chromebook
    2. Using the Flipgrid app (iOS/Android) with the Code: e513ca

5- More Awesomeness!

  • AutoCrat: Try this add-on to merge digital information in a Google Sheet into a Google Docs or PDFs
  • Copy Down: This add-on copies formulas in a Google Sheet down a column
  • Event-o-Matic: Add events to a calendar from a list of events in Google Sheets. Event-o-Matic merges events from a spreadsheet into calendars. The free version allows creation of up to 25 events per day. The for cost version allows for unlimited or 1500 events per day for a Google Suites account.
  • Flippity: Easily turn a Google Sheets spreadsheet into online flashcards and more
  • Flubaroo: Automatically grades a Google Form multiple choice quiz
  • FormMule in the Classroom: Use FormMule to send emails when you submit a Google Form
  • RosterSync: This add-on allows teachers to sync a Google Classroom course roster with Google Sheets. This can be handy to generate a list in Google Sheets of your students so you can use a tool like FormMule, Autocrat and more