Pipe-Cleaner Storycast

Step 1 - Prepare & Explore

Stuff To Get

  1. Tools You Will Need include Google Slides as well as these items from the Chrome Web Store:
  2. Get pipe-cleaners from classroom supplies

Explore an Existing Project


See example shown right:

Step 2 - Play and Plan


  1. After obtaining your two pipe-cleaners, join up with another person (or another two people!)
  2. Create a story.
  3. Use your two pipe-cleaners to make a person and an object (e.g. person with umbrella)


Combine with others to create new stories

Map or outline your story, imagining what you would say in each frame

You'll be taking a photo each time you move your characters

Step 3 - Make

  1. Open a new Google Slides Slide Deck. Remove text boxes (click-n-delete)
  2. Add each image to a different slide in your slide deck
  3. Click “Record Desktop” and start your recording
  4. When Finish click “Stop” in the box at the bottom of the screen
  5. Progress through the slides narrating your story
  6. Save the video. The video should be saved in a folder titled “Screencastify” in Google Drive
  7. Upload the video as “Unlisted”
  8. Grab the link to the video once it has uploaded

Step 4 - Share

Share your storycast online at the Padlet linked below:

Ways to Use Screencasts & Google Slides

Use Google Slides for Stop Motion Animation (via Rex Threatt)

Use Google Slides to make stop motion animation, like a flip book. See how to.

Use Google Slides to make interactive worksheets. See how to.