Mini-Lesson: HyperDrawings

HyperDrawings with Google Drawings

Listen to Joli Boucher

Duration: 7 minutes

Mini-Lesson Description

HyperDrawings, a term coined by Joli Boucher, combines hyperdocs with Drive-hosted, video-embedded Google Drawings to scaffold student learning for flipped learning.

Bring your Chrome browser friendly device as we delve into Drawings.

Step 1 - Learn

Stuff To Get

Not much needed aside from Google Drawings, Google Slides. You might want to get the Bitmoji Chrome add-on

HyperDrawing Making Tips

Some practical tips from Jolie for making a hyperdrawing appear below:

  • Add the directions and assignments in the blank space next to the canvas.
  • Add Bitmoji stickers and clipart by dragging them into the blank space next to the canvas
  • After inserting a video in Google Slides, you can edit the start and stop times for both Drive and YouTube videos. Then, copy the video from Slides into Google Drawing

Step 2 - Make Your Own

Note: Use template linked below to create your own hyperdrawing around a topic.

  1. Open the hyperdrawings template
  2. Customize each item
  3. To place a video in the hyperdrawing, follow these steps:
    1. Insert a video into a Google Slides slide
    2. Select the video by clicking on it
    3. Copy it
    4. Switch back to your hyperdrawing in Google Draw, then paste in the video
  4. Share the link to the hyperdrawing, making it available for "anyone with the link" and then adjusting the word "edit" in the link to "copy"

Step 3 - Share

Ready to share your hyperdrawing creation? Drop the "anyone with a link" link to your hyperdrawing in this TCEA Idea Space Padlet.

Note: To get the Hyperdrawing to show a preview, you will need to add link to the Google Drawing as an attachment