Getting Started with Google Tour-Builder

Join us to learn how to create engaging and relevant learning experiences for students with Google Tour Builder.

Google Tour Builder

"Google Tour Builder allows you and your students to create virtual tours on a map, including locations, images, videos, descriptions, hyperlinks, and more.

These tours can be used in any subject area such as retelling the events from a novel, tracing the locations of a historical event, visiting different biomes or landforms around the world, and more.

Tours can be viewed by others in Tour Builder, or even imported into Google Earth for a full 3D experience" (Source)

What Is It?

Google Tour Builder allows you to create and share virtual tours. You can do this by placing locations on a map. Each location can be enhanced with various multimedia elements. You can focus on creating "trans-disciplinary" projects.




Locations, Descriptions & Dates


Powering Learning with Google Tour Builder

Students can interact with research data in a different way. They can learn to situate research within a geo-spatial context. Tour Builder enables students to create a virtual tour of their research data, adding photos, text, and video as needed.

This map-based approach enables students to organize their research according to location and impact, which is appropriate for a topic like African immigration in colonial America.

They can combine research, life stories, images, and video to make a compelling case for their research thesis.

Sample Tours

Storytelling with Google Tour Builder V3

Social Studies

  1. Tour a country or civilization: Tour a country that you will be learning about. Perfect for teaching the geography, topography, and climate of an area.
  2. Tour your local community: Perfect for younger grades. Take a tour of your local community. In upper grades tour High Schools and local colleges.


  1. Tour famous scientific discoveries: Create a tour of Darwin’s trip around the world and label where he made his discoveries.
  2. Create a tour of famous geological features: Students can create a tour of famous earthquakes, volcanoes, oceans, etc.

English/language arts

  1. Tour the setting of a story: Reading a story about Antarctica? Look it up! Want to help students visualize what Germany looked like in World War two? Create a map of locations and insert media.
  2. Compose a narrative essay: Students use the tell a story field to compose different parts of the narrative. Students can use the map/media options to expand on what’s going on in the story.

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Sample Tours

How To Get Started

Step 1 - Create a Tour

2. Sign In to Google (if you haven't already)

3. Select "Create a Tour" button

Step 2 - Create an Introduction

Fill in information:

1. Tour Name

2. Author Name

3. Add an Introductory Picture

4. Write the narrative or overview

Step 3 - Add a Location

Select "Add Location"

Search for address

Click "Drop placemark"

Click "Add to Tour"

You can easily add photos and videos (up to 25), as well as select particular dates, introductory text and more.

When copying and pasting content into the INTRODUCTION box, compose content with images in Google Docs first. This will allow you to develop content and insert images that you like.

You can also adjust the Location icon for a location. Instead of a red balloon, you can use a wide variety of icons.

Or, if you prefer, you can use a picture online as a custom icon.

You can continue to add additional locations after enhancing existing location with text, images and video.

Note that photos and/or videos can come from your albums in Google Drive, YouTube, or photo/videos on your device.

You can customize the view, switch from map view to "street view."

To accomplish that, drag the pegman icon from the top left of the map to the location on the map to enter street view.

Share a Tour

You can share or publish tours to others. Unfortunately, collaboration options cannot be shared for editing.

Viewing Tours in Google Tours or Google Earth 3D

To play a tour, you can do one of the following:

Open it in Google Tours under My Tours.


Click the Menu button in the top right and choose "Open in Earth"

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