Mini-Lesson: Animated GIF of Your Team

Google Slides Approach

Step 1 - Gather and Get

Stuff To Get

For this activity, you will need your laptop computer or Chromebook. You can take pictures with your smartphone or your laptop computer if it comes with a built-in camera.

Web Tools

For Windows/Mac/Chromebook Devices:

Got all that? Then you are ready!

Step 2 - Make Your Own

In this activity, you will work with your team to create Google Slides content that represents your team. Follow the instructions below.

Note: Please feel free to use clipart off the web.

  1. Divide up into teams of 3-5 persons
  2. Use this Google Slides template.
  3. Have ONE person (Team Leader) make a copy then share the document with everyone in the group so you are ALL working on the same Google Slides slide deck.
  4. Have each person choose a slide they are going to work on. Be careful with applying changes to ALL slides. Restrain yourself to just YOUR slide.
  5. Working together, come up with six paper slides with a title page and represent you each of you professionally
  6. Feel free to use any images/pictures or clip art you feel best represents you; an emoji slide you can duplicate has been setup for you to duplicate.
  7. When everyone has enhanced their slide, and you are happy with the title slideshow, the Team Leader will use the Slide2Drive tool to create pictures of the Slides.
  8. Save the pictures to your computer.
  9. Combine the pictures in the website to create an animated GIF (adjust the speed, size as you desire)
  10. Save your creation to your computer
  11. Share the GIF online via the Padlet.

Step 3 - Share

Ready to share your animated GIF?

Open the padlet and add the animated GIF.