Mini-Lesson: Animated GIF of Your Team

Smartphone with Giphy App

Step 1 - Gather and Get

Stuff To Get

For this activity, you will need only ONE app that works on both iOS and/or Android devices. If you would rather not use your smartphone (as suggested in the instructions), feel free to rely on your tablet device, laptop computer or Chromebook.

For Smartphone/Tablet (iOS/Android):

For Windows/Mac/Chromebook Devices:

What are Paper Slides?

"Students are placed into a group to illustrate visuals on blank paper, write scripts that explain these “slides”, and then videotape the delivery of the script while moving the slides in time with the narration" (Learn more).

Step 2 - Make Your Own

In this activity, you will work your team to create paper slides that represent your team. Follow the instructions below.

Note: Please do not use clipart off the web or any digital tools except those shown above. Simply, your work should not look like the example shown right.

  1. Divide up into teams of 5 persons
  2. Working together, come up with six paper slides with a title page and represent you each of you professionally
  3. Your drawings can be as simple or elaborate as you would like; have fun with them
  4. Have someone in the group (and/or go through the process yourself to learn how) use their smartphone camera to take a picture of each paper slide (6 pictures)
  5. Combine the pictures in the Giphy app to create an animated GIF
  6. Save your group's animated GIF to your smartphone's Gallery
  7. Share the GIF online via the Padlet.

Step 3 - Share

Ready to share your animated GIF?

Open the padlet and add the animated GIF.