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Session Description

In this hands-on session, you'll explore some of the many ways Doodle Buddy can enhance teaching and learning for all grade levels. In this session, you'll see how to take advantage of its cool drawing tools (including paintbrush, glitter, chalk, text, stencils, smudge and more!) you can use with your fingers, a 44,000-color picker and more.

Note: This app cost $.99 if you want to get rid of the apps.

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Pro Doodling Research

Those that doodle are better at paying attention to the message and recalling the details. Doodlers tend to recall 29% more information! (Source). A simple 30-minute doodle helps students:

  • remember information,
  • fills in gaps in their thinking, and
  • provides a much-needed reprieve from the loads of information they must work through (source).

Learn the Tools

Let's take a moment to explore the various tools on the toolbar shown immediately above.

Undo Arrow: Last action will be erased

Trash Bin - Clear canvas completely

Tip: You can shake the iPad to clear your canvas

Piece of Chalk: After tapping on it, a menu will pop up with drawing choices: Brush, Chalk, Glitter, Smudge, and Eraser. You can change the ink or paint color, in addition to the thickness of the brush stroke or point.

Stamp: Collection of clip art which includes: smiley faces, animals, plants, bugs, holiday items and more. Each sound comes with a delightful sound effect. Two size choices to select from: small and large. To use the clip art, tap on your selection then tap again onto the canvas. Tap repeatedly to paste the same item.

Stencil: Create perfect shapes in Doodle Buddy.

Tip: To remove the stencil, tap on the background once.

Tt = Text tool: 4 different fonts, right corner dots = increase or decrease font size, middle gray button = move the text box.

Tip: To remove the text box, tap on the background once. Caution: once you tap off the text box, you can not change the text.

Tic Tac Toe = Backgrounds and Photos: Choose a variety of backgrounds: solid colors, dots and boxes (my fav.) and scenery. Tap on the Photos to access your camera roll.

Shopping Bag: access extra options and get more doodle bucks

Wrench = Options: Save to Photo Album, Send your drawing in Email, Help Page and turn Sounds on or off.

In the Classroom

Activity #1 - Labeling Items

Take a Snapshot

Take a picture of something, import the picture into Doodle Buddy. Use the Text Box to write a sentence about the picture or write a description sentence.

Tree, leaf or a plant

Person - label articles of clothing

Face and a hand- 5 senses

Animal or a pet

Activity #2 - Concept Mapping

Concept maps include concepts, usually enclosed in circles or boxes, and relationships between concepts, indicated by a connecting line. Words on the line are linking words and specify the relationship between concepts (source).

Use Doodle Buddy to create a concept map for stories or situations students are reading about or real life.

Activity #3 - Picture Import

Put Photos into Doodle Buddy!

  • Crazy Captions
  • To help expand vocabulary.
  • Elementary students can take a crazy photo and write a sentence.
  • Alternative suggestions:
  • Rhyming sentences
  • Alliteration
  • Tongue Twisters

Activity #4 - Graphing

Oreo Graphs

Directions: Give each student an Oreo. How do your friends enjoy an oreo?

  • Whole thing at once
  • One bite at a time
  • In little nibbles
  • Want to Dunk it
  • Twisted apart, eat inside, then eat cookie


1.Tally the votes

2. Use Doodle Buddy to create your classroom graph.

3. Design your graph using the Dots & Boxes background or a background of your choice to represent the data.

Activity #5 - Classifying Objects

Use the Doodle Buddy stamp tool to classify various pictures into categories.

Example: Sort animals into various groups:

  • birds
  • insects
  • ocean creatures (vertebrates/invertebrates) and
  • jungle animals.

Activity #6 - Area & Perimeter

Area and Perimeter

Content: area and perimeter

Skills: problem solving, critical thinking

  • Launch the DoodleBuddy app
  • Select the dots and boxes background.

Student Activities

  1. Students draw the shapes given by the teacher.
  2. Students mark the sides to determine the perimeter.
  3. Students can also draw shapes to determine area.

Activity #7 - Solids, Liquids, Gases

Objective: To understand and distinguish between the states of matter.


  1. Section Doodle Buddy into three parts
  2. Categorize icons in the right section.
  • Car exhaust and Fire - gas
  • Ocean and water drop - water
  • Frog and gift box - solid(solid)
  • Extension soccer ball (could be both: solid, gas)
  • What could be all 3?

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