Managing Your Gmail


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Audience Tips

Mark Simmons (@t3chl0gic) shared this tip about

You can use web site to verify the message header, as well as see if it's valid. The message header in an email consists of everything about the body of the message, and can be accessed in Gmail by going to SHOW ORIGINAL when looking at the email as shown below:

Then paste it into the appropriate window at Toolbox web site.


Mobile Email Clients

  1. CloudMagic - a free iOS and Android email client that makes managing multiple email accounts easy. It also has "Cards" that allow you to sort your email into OneNote, Evernote, Pocket, and other tools.
  2. Outlook - a free email app that includes email and calendar support. This is what I'm currently using and it works great!
  3. Readdle Spark (iOS only) - another great email client.

Chrome Add-Ons

  1. Gmail Offline - Read Gmail offline.
  2. Gmail Sync - Syncs all your gmail for offline use.
  3. Actions for Gmail - Adds buttons for archiving, mark as read, delete, and more to each message to make it easier to take those actions.
  4. Cloudy for Gmail - Enables you to add attachments from any cloud drive.
  5. Dropbox for Gmail - Make it easy to save attachments to Dropbox.
  6. Rapportive - Get information about who you are in contact with.
  7. Todoist: Manage your tasks with Gmail. Create tasks easily.
  8. Boomerang - Schedule your emails.
  9. - Unsubscribe from email lists.


  1. Pixelblock - Block others from seeing if you've read their messages.
  2. Uglymail - Works similarly to Pixelblock. "Ugly Email is a Gmail extension that allows you to see if the email is being tracked before opening it. It seamlessly integrates with Gmail."
  3. Virtru Email Encryption - Encrypt email messages you send to anyone (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  4. SecureGmail - Encrypt any gmail messages you send to others with gmail (attachments aren't encrypted).

Click-Tracking Tools (only first two are free)

  1. Sidekick Email Tracking - A free tracking tool for your email, as well as scheduling when emails are sent. 200 emails for free.
  2. - Add to the end of email addresses your writing to (e.g. and this will track emails sent. You'll need to get a free account. Has a different approach but works! And, no cost!
  3. MxHero - This was my favorite for a long time, but the time came to pay for it, and I wasn't willing to do that."features include open and URL click tracking, attachment tracking, self-destructing emails, email read receipts and the ability to schedule an email for later"
  4. MixMax - Another nice tool that allows you to embed polls as well as do all sorts of neat stuff.
  5. Boomerang Read Receipts for Gmail - Just like the other services, you can take advantage of a free feature.
  6. Bananatag - Another click-tracker. "It's free for 5 messages a day, but $5 a month gives you unlimited tracking" viaLifeHacker
  7. ContactMonkey - Free version includes 100 emails a month.
  8. Bananatag - An aggressively priced email tracking tool. Check their pricing!
  9. Yesware Email tracking - A Chrome add-on, includes free two month trial with limited features afterwards at no cost or at great cost otherwise! (smile)
  10. MailTrack for Chrome - This is another alternative. It didn't work all that well for me, but I had several others going at the same time.