Corinth Classroom with LifeLiQe


Corinth Classroom on LifeliQe is customized for K-12 STEM curricula and includes 1,000 interactive 3D models which are proved to increase engagement in learning.

Data from usage of Corinth Classroom in more than 100 countries worldwide, as well as recent studies, show that students are able to understand better and retain more knowledge when using 3D learning materials.

Objectives/Learning Goal(s)

  • Learn how apps from the Windows 10 for Business story can enhance your students' comprehension of complex content

This session applies to:

  • Grades 1-12
  • All subjects/content areas
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Administrators


Group discussion #1

As a group, answer the following questions:

  • Do you currently use 3D models in your classroom? If so, in what context?
  • Do you currently use augmented reality in your classroom? If so, in what context?

Watch the video shown right

From this short introductory video, what intrigues you about the use of LifeLiQe in your classroom?


  • Use Cortana to search your device for the LifeLiQe app and open the app.
  • Get a promo code to use with this app.
  • Watch the quick tutorial shown right to see how to enter your promo code and get started.

Once you have selected an animation, explore the different options available within the animation:

Spend some time exploring other educational apps available at the Windows Store:

Group Discussion

  1. What was your favorite part of the experience working within an app on your desktop?
  2. How do you feel Windows Store apps like LifeLiQe will help your students?
  3. How do you see using apps together with desktop programs like OneNote?
  4. What personas are met by using LifeLiQe? Why?

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