MIE Teams Scenario 1

Classroom Teacher(s)

You've been selected as the Microsoft Teams Lead Teacher. You and your team of fellow teachers has been tasked with creating a short presentation outlining the main benefits of MS Teams use in the classroom.

End Product: A short presentation featuring the main ways you can use Teams to support teaching and learning for your students.

  1. Go to http://teams.microsoft.com
  2. Use your TCEAMIE##@usmie.com account to login. Make sure to logout of existing Office 365 accounts or use another browser (e.g. Firefox) than your usual one (e.g. Internet Explorer or Edge)
  3. Create a classroom team, featuring the following elements in it:
    • Multiple channels for conversation
    • A OneNote Class Notebook
    • Several students exchanging classwork/conversation
    • Add three assignments to the Assigments area and calendar
  4. Invite other team members to login as students (e.g. tceastudent##@usmie.com) so you can all see what's happening.
  5. Brainstorm several ways that you and fellow teachers could use this with students.
  1. Once you have explored various aspects of Teams for use in your K-12 classroom, choose ONE of the following:
    • Create a presentation outline in Word Online
    • Create a slideshow in Powerpoint Online
  2. Share the link to your online document in the backchannel for this session