OneNote in the Classroom

Learn the basic steps to using OneNote, including creating a workbook in the cloud, adding sections and pages, and taking notes. Learn additional ways to take notes in OneNote app on your mobile device (or OneNote Desktop/2016) by making quick notes, clipping from the Web, capturing images, recording audio, creating links, and inserting tables. We will also explore Learning Tools/Immersive Reader, OneNote Class Notebook and Office Lens app to digitize paper.

Session Outline & Resources

Getting Started with OneNote

    • Exploring OneNote and OneDrive
    • Navigating the OneNote 2016 environment
    • Customizing the OneNote User Interface
    • Working the Options

Exploring OneNote and OneDrive

Learning OneNote Gameboard

In this activity, explore various aspects of OneNote app, OneNote Desktop (a.k.a. 2016) to learn more about how OneNote works.

Adding and formatting Notebook Content

    • Applying formatting to Notebook Content
    • Inserting Images and Audio into a Notebook
    • Adding Quick Notes and Links
    • Using Drawing Tools
    • Embedding and Attaching Files
    • Embedding Excel Spreadsheets and Tables
    • Attaching Other File Types
    • Configuring Password Protection and Notebook Properties
    • Inserting Page Templates

Organizing and Searching Notebooks

    • Using Tags (Desktop version)
    • Move and Copy between Notebooks (Desktop/App)

Manipulating OneNote

    • Exporting Content from OneNote Notebooks
    • Back Up and Restore Notebook Content
    • Send OneNote Content in Other Formats
    • Share OneNote Content Using OneDrive

OneNote Add Ins

    • Onetastic
    • OneNoteGEM
    • Learning Tools
    • Class Notebook