OneDrive in the Office 365 Classroom

Exploring OneDrive Tools

Session Outline

OneDrive Tips & Tricks


  • Activity #1 - Collaborating with Classmates
  • Activity #2 - Create Product

Technical Activities

  • Activity #3 - Setting Up OneDrive Sync on Win10 Device
  • Activity #4 - Backup/Restore Content from/to OneDrive


OneDrive in the Office 365 Classroom


Make collaborative projects easy with Office Online and OneDrive for Business. Learn how to take advantage of OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage, for use in the K-12 classroom, as well as how to create online documents with Office 365. Discover some effective ways to use OneDrive to make resources accessible easily, as well as deliver content over a variety of rooms.

Objectives/Learning Goal(s)

  • Learn how students can effectively collaborate with Office Online and OneDrive for Business

This session applies to:

  • Grades 1-12
  • All subjects/content areas
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Administrators

Activity #1 - Collaborating with Classmates

Group discussion #1

As a group, answer the following questions:

Watch the video shown right

Activity #2 - Collaborative Product

  • PowerPoint Online has a similar experience as the desktop version. Think about the implications this has for students being able to show their work on tablets or even their phone?


As a team you are going to create a PowerPoint about the city you are in for this training.

  1. You need to have a slide on the following topics (you can have more if you want):
    • History of the city
    • Demographics
    • Main attractions
    • Climate
    • Sports, arts, and/or other cultural events in the city
  2. One person in the group needs to create the PowerPoint with at least five slides and share it with the other team members.
  3. Decide on each person's job (i.e., topic) and build your team's presentation.
  4. When you finish your part of the presentation, go to another person's slide and offer feedback by making a comment on the slide.


  1. Share your thoughts on the collaborative process of creating the PowerPoint together on Office Online.
  2. How did this work for you?

Technical Activity #3 - Setting Up OneDrive Sync

The purpose of OneDrive Sync is to work on your Windows 10 device and have files automatically backed up to your OneDrive cloud storage account. OneDrive comes pre-installed on your Windows 10 device and can be used to connect to your personal OneDrive account.

Activity: If you are on a Windows 10 device that you would like to sync your files to, such as a work tablet/computer assigned to you, then proceed with setting up OneDrive Sync.

Technical Activity #4 - Backup/Restore Content From/To OneDrive

Users may often have the need to move content from OneDrive for Business (which is what Office 365 users are using) to OneDrive Live (which is what personal users have), or back-n-forth. You can do this easily using one of two tools available at no charge.

Activity: In Your Group, pick one of the solutions that will help you copy/move content from one OneDrive account to another. Try it out.

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