Free Microsoft Tools to Engage Your Students

Microsoft has a wide variety of FREE tools for teachers and students to use in their classrooms. We’ll share our favorites and where to get them.


Not a day goes by that Microsoft doesn’t announce new ways of engaging students and educators with Microsoft-based technology tools! Here are some of the ways Microsoft is engaging in education!

Free Office 365 Online Account

Get your free account and get started! Students and teachers, get the online versions of Office plus 1 TB online storage for free! And, there are 100s of education apps in the Microsoft Store.

Video Tutorials


Connectivity and Collaboration


Have Office 365 in your work environment?

Whether you are a classroom teacher or professional learning facilitator (or coach), you can use free Microsoft tools to create an online teaching and learning space. Take advantage of a “light” learning management system (LMS) option to make it easy for you and your students to gather, share, and collect resources for students and colleagues. Schools are depending on one of the solutions below to create a digital presence for staff and/or student sharing.

MS Classroom plus OneNote Class Notebook make it easy to issue assignments, track those assignments in calendars, engage students in conversations, aligned to individual assignments or for group work. With OneNote Class Notebook, teachers can distribute handouts, resources, as well as grade student work using digital ink, and that syncs to MS Classroom gradebook!

And, staff/students have access to Word, Powerpoint, Excel Online, OneDrive cloud storage and Microsoft Forms with built-in quiz and QR code functionality.