Windows Tips & Tricks

Windows Tips & Tricks

Learn a variety of tips, tricks, and ideas to get more from your Windows computer so that you and your students can be more productive.

1. Are you running the latest Windows 10 Creators' Update?

    • On Microsoft Edge, 3D can work with HoloLens to allow true 3D browsing
    • Upgraded version of Paint 3D that allows users to draw a 3D sketch on one device, then view it on another Windows 10 device (e.g. mobile, HoloLens) as a hologram
    • Paint 3D also integrates with Minecraft. Users can move their creations from the game into the app. From there, the creations can be edited and then 3D printed.

2. Protecting Your Windows Computer

  • Keep your Windows computer up to date, using Windows Update and Patch My PC
  • Eliminate 90% of security issues by not running your user account in administrator mode
  • Anti-Malware
    • Malware Bytes* – Great to use when you think your computer has been infected with malware/spyware and you need your computer “cleaned out.”
    • AntiRansomware – Although still in beta, Malware Bytes’ solution to ransomware offers real-time protection against ransomware, catching it before it can encrypt your files.
    • Spyware Blaster*– An easy to use “inoculation” program against spyware/malware.
    • Spybot Search and Destroy* – The best part of Spybot is the TeaTimer which protects your computer’s registry against contamination and immunizes your browsers (IE, Firefox) against malware.
  • AntiVirus
    • BitDefender Free – This free for home use antivirus works great and does not drive you crazy with advertisements.
    • Sophos Home Antivirus – This is another protection free for home use.

3. Encryption Solutions for Protect Your Data

File Encryption

Text/Email Encryption?

You may also want to get a copy of File Shredder for Windows to securely delete information from your Windows computer.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

"Virtual Private Networks provide an important element of privacy protection for users," Electronic Frontiers Association says. . .VPNs [are] one of the most effective tools for protecting privacy when using the Internet, due to the degree of anonymity they provide when accessing online services.

Free VPNs for Your Browser

    1. Opera browser has a built-in VPN that works well
    2. DotVPN Chrome add-on works with your Chrome browser

VPNs that Protect All Internet Traffic from Your Windows Computer

    1. Private Internet Access (PIA) (approx <$40 annually or $6.95 per month)
    2. Express VPN
    3. NordVPN

Mobile VPN for Android and/or iOS

    1. All VPNs above have mobile versions
    2. OperaVPN (not to be confused with Opera browser) works great

4. Image Editing Tools

  1. Screenshot Tools: PicPick or Greenshot
  2. (Free) – A simple paint program, but you can do some simple photo/image editing in it. Windows only.
  3. PaintBrush (Free) – A simple paint program, like Paint for Windows. Mac only.
  4. (Free) - Provides an express editing, as well as a more detailed app you can work with! Also available as iOS app.
  5. Fotor Photo Editor Online (Free) - A great app to use for photo editing that works via your browser, Android or iOS device.
  6. IrfanView (Free) – A simple editor that allows you to resize images. Windows only.
  7. The Graphics Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) (Free) – A cross platform “Photoshop” like tool. Can be complicated for newbies.
  8. ON1 Effects 10 Free for Mac and Windows (Free)
  9. Blink Cliplets

5. Sound and Video Tools

6. Great Free Software for Windows

7. Remote Control of Windows

Wish you could remotely control a computer from work or home? Perhaps you need to have an online meeting? Try one of these solutions.

  1. (Free with Paid Option)
  2. AeroAdmin (Free)
  3. TeamViewer (Free with Paid Options)