Station 1

Step 1 - Meet the Problem & Task


A technology-challenged, famed book author needs help summarizing key story elements from one of her stories for English Language Learners (ELLs). These illustrated summaries are meant to quickly tell the story using simpler vocabulary and more pictures.

This summary re-telling will provide the necessary schema or structure that ELL students need to have PRIOR to reading the full story. Help the author summarize the story into bite-sized elements and share it as an animated GIF.


Create an animated GIF summarizing in simple words and rich images a story of your choosing. Use the animated GIF tools to summarize a story your team is familiar with OR read one of the stories online at a website below:

Some ideas:

  • Create a series of slides in Google Slides or Powerpoint illustrating a story, then put them into
  • Create story squares using Book Creator, Pixton, or Storybird then save screencaptures of each page to animate
  • Microsoft Paint or Paint 3D

Step 2 - Create the Animated GIF

  1. Create the story panels for each aspect of the story you wish to summarize or illustrate
  2. Save the pictures, or take screenshots of the pictures, then save them
  3. Put them into website to create your animated GIF
  4. Save the creation to your device

Step 3 - Turn In Your Project Creation

Ready to share your animated GIF?

Open the padlet and add the animated GIF.

When Complete, Move On to the Next Station