Station 3

Step 1 - Meet the Problem & Task


Your students are looking for real life connections between what they are learning in class and the world outside school. One idea that you come up with is to have them go outside to see what naturally occuring processes (weathering/erosion, water cycle, carbon cycle) they can capture with their mobile device.


Create an animated GIF capturing real world scientific events or processes that align to Science TEKS. Feel free to use any of the tools available.

Some ideas:

Step 2 - Create the Animated GIF

  1. Find images or create the slide for each aspect of the natural process you wish to illustrate or explain
  2. Save the pictures, or take screenshots of the pictures, then save them
  3. Put them into website to create your animated GIF
  4. Save the creation to your device

Step 3 - Turn In Your Project Creation

Ready to share your animated GIF?

Open the padlet and add the animated GIF.

When Complete, Move On to the Next Station