Station 2

Step 1 - Meet the Problem & Task


Over the last year, you've gathered a variety of awesome images featuring your students, the school staff, and parent involvement in the classroom. Your principal wants to include 20 of the best pictures in his digital newsletter, but doesn't want viewers clicking to go look at a Google Photo album or Microsoft OneDrive Photo folder.


Create an animated GIF capturing 20 of the best pictures, or, create a digital slide show in the form of an animated GIF regarding one of the topics:

  • Classroom/Campus picture showcase
  • Birthday card
  • Valentine's Day animated GIF

Step 2 - Create the Animated GIF

  1. Map out or make a list of pictures
  2. Save the pictures, or take screenshots of the pictures, then save them
  3. Create an animated GIF using the tool of your choice
  4. Save/Export the creation to your device
  5. Turn it in

Step 3 - Turn In Your Project Creation

Ready to share your animated GIF?

Open the padlet and add the animated GIF.

When Complete, Move On to the Next Station