Station 5

Step 1 - Meet the Problem & Task


Making complex math processes understandable can be difficult. You and your team are hoping to develop a series of animated GIFs that make understanding math concepts simple. As an inspiration, one of your team members suggests crafting an activity that has students creating animated GIFs explaining math concepts and problem-solving, step by step, to encourage computational (algorithmic) thinking.


Create an animated GIF summarizing a mathematical concept your students have experienced trouble with. Use the animated GIF tools to summarize what happens as you apply that concept to solve a math problem, step by step.

Some ideas:

  • Create a series of slides in Google Slides or Powerpoint illustrating a story, then put them into
  • Draw the concepts on paper then take photos of them. Load them into the animated GIF tool of choice to animate them

Step 2 - Create the Animated GIF

  1. Create the panels for each aspect of the mathematical concept(s) you wish to explain
  2. Save the pictures, or take screenshots of the pictures, then save them
  3. Put them into website to create your animated GIF
  4. Save the creation to your device

Step 3 - Turn In Your Project Creation

Ready to share your animated GIF?

Open the padlet and add the animated GIF.

When Complete, Move On to the Next Station