About This Session

In this professional learning session, participants will become MIE Trainers, able to join the TCEA MIE Trainer Community and the Microsoft USA MIE Trainer Community on Facebook. Participants will leave with the ability to grant badges and points in the Microsoft Educator Community. Resources appear in a linked OneNote online notebook.

Participants who do not sign-in may fail to gain access to additional resources.

MIE Train the Trainer 2-Academy Goals

1. Develop background knowledge needed to provide MIE Professional Learning Sessions

2. Begin the journey as a MIE Trainer

3. Understand requirements to earn the MIE Trainer badge

4. Learn how to log hours in the Microsoft Education Community Trainer console

5. Get connected to the USA MIE Trainer community and key Texas contacts

Meet the Problem

The Problem

"I am so glad you are here," said the Executive Director. "A high school and a middle school principal shared their urgent need for training. They are moving from Google Classroom (and not everyone is happy about that) to Office 365 Pro Plus for students and staff.

Teachers need to learn the basics of Office 365, blended learning and flipped approaches, as well as join the MS Education Community, learn about becoming MIE Experts, etc. They need a one-day workshop schedule with resources as part of a Train the Trainers initiative, one teacher per grade level and/or department team. A list of mini-lessons you need to build capacity in teachers appears below."

Logging In - Microsoft Login vs Office 365 Login

Help users understand the difference between free Microsoft accounts and Office 365 accounts. The primary action to avoid is creating a free Microsoft account using an Office 365 account. Also, to recognize where a user is logging into.

OneDrive in Office 365 Classroom

OneDrive Tips & Tricks


  • Activity #1 - Collaborating with Classmates
  • Activity #2 - Create Product

Technical Activities

  • Activity #3 - Setting Up OneDrive Sync on Win10 Device
  • Activity #4 - Backup/Restore Content from/to OneDrive

Teams & OneNote Class Notebooks


    1. Brief Overview
    2. Introduction of Teams | Teams Demo Site
    3. Types of Teams
    4. Hands-on exploration of MS Teams

Self-Paced Review: Introduction to MS Teams (MS Education Community online course (Free))

Microsoft Forms


  1. Brief Overview of MS Forms interface
  2. Creating Online Forms
  3. Making Self-Grading Quizzes with MS Forms
  4. Creating Surveys with Excel Survey via OneDrive
  5. Miscellaneous

Blending Media into Microsoft Sway

  1. Getting Started with MS Sway
  2. Inserting Cards
    1. Text
    2. Media
    3. Group
  3. Exploring Sway in Schools
  4. Podcasting with Sway

Exploring Blended Learning


1. Read/View and reflect with a partner about ONE article and ONE video shown right

2. Record via Flipgrid.com/968bbf the following:

  1. one thing you learned that you didn't know before
  2. one reflection (connect your experience to information in the article/video)
  3. Listen & Respond To One Other Group's Take-Aways

Note: You can use the Flipgrid mobile app with code 968bbf

Group Reflection: How would you assist teachers in designing a flipped learning/blended learning lesson with these components? What else needs to be done to ensure success?

  1. Objective: This is where you write the objective of the lesson
  2. Before Class: Video - what's the content
  3. During Class: Activity - what will students do in class that builds/relies on video content
  4. After Class: Project or Reflection

Screencasting for Flipped Learning

“Most human behavior is learned observationally through modeling: from observing others, and this coded information serves as a guide for action,” says Albert Bandura, social learning theorist. Screencasting facilitates teacher modeling. Research, as pointed out in various studies, has shown that “modeling is an effective instructional strategy in that it allows students to observe the teacher’s thought processes” (source).

  1. Powerpoint+Office Mix - Office Mix is an add-on for Powerpoint that allows you to incorporate screencasts, quizzes, and whiteboard drawings into your Powerpoints. Upload them to the Mix gallery to turn them into videos and track student assessments.
  2. MS Snip - Provides easy access to a whiteboard with audio narration/annoation, as well as screencasting. See examples.

Need more screencasting and/or web-based whiteboard tools?

Check out Section #5 here. Find tools for various devices.

Speed Learning with Multimedia Text Sets (MMTS) & HyperDocs

"MMTSs are just docs with links meant to build schema through exploration."

Multimedia text sets broaden a student’s repertoire of resources to draw information from.

Note: This link will take you to a OneNote Notebook. You can get a copy from the session facilitator.